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Naveah 6


Synthia is another hot nubile from Poland who decided to make her way on the hectic yet exciting world of nude modeling at Likes handsome guys with firm body and blue eyes; carrot juice; and need for speed!

But the real score about this sultry babe is right actually on that silky sheet. And I’m pertaining to her big beautiful breasts that she’s too proud to show off. I really like Synthia and the best way to know her more is at

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Crissy 15

CrazyBarbie is a stonecold hottie!
Check out CrazyBarbie a gal I was soooo lucky to meet online – where you been baby! i mean wow check this hottie out!. I don’t usually post s**t on these blog things but i just had to make a big deal about CrazyBarbie, its karma and i’m sharing my good luck ;) . What can I say about my times chatting and watching her performing for me live – one word buddie – HOT!. A buddy sent me a link to and i thought i would check it out – see if any of the girls had what i like – blonde with a stunning body! (you know what i’m talking about guys!) and bammm on the first page of online models was CrazyBarbie – I was like MAN check her out – so i registered with the guys and within a few minutes i had her on my computer asking how my day had been!. I had to pinch myself and something else that was keen to get to know CrazyBarbie better too ;) . She is such a nice girl though guys, not one of those preppy stuck up broads that are just after getting cash from you – you know the sorts. We chatted a while and I got to know about what she likes (music and dancing), what she does when not on her cam (bit of study and store work), what turns her on (sexy chat and guys that can make her laugh) and some hot sexy stories (which i aint sharing! go find out for yourself ;) ). I asked if I could grab some pics of her – screen grabs – she said sure go for it, so I took these and put them on a webpage (and some links so you can sign up to chat with her if you want). Check out my screen grabs of CrazyBarbie by clicking here (man she looks so cute in those pics). I tell you what though when she starts to play with those titties and those nipples stand up hard for her – man it’s hard not to grab that computer monitor and hump the s**t outta it! :) . I like a shaved pussy and CrazyBarbie is always freshly shaved for me when we chat – how do i know? well she did it live for me once! that is how wild this broad is! If you wanting some of that CrazyBarbie action – buddy i’m tellin ya you will have the hottest time – here is the link to the registration page (you need to sign up with these guys to access her cam – its simple and hassle free). Enjoy guys and share the wealth like i did! tell your buddies about CrazyBarbie – they will thanks you! Show them this page if they don’t believe you!

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